Laboratory of Intelligent Information Systems, directed by Professor Masanori Sugimoto, is a laboratory dedicated to the development of innovative technologies related to the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Sensing. Currently active projects include an accurate and scalable ranging and positioning techniques, human robot interaction, agent, 3D user interface, 3D acoustic imaging, and so on.

Our focus is not only on technology alone, but also on improving the quality of human life and designing our secure and safe society through innovative technology. Therefore, knowledge and techniques from a wide range of disciplines are put into our research, for example computer science, engineering, cognitive science, psychology, sociology, design, and arts.

Most of our current students are from engineering schools, but we are always open to students with other educational or professional backgrounds. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of our research field, students with unique backgrounds are expected to be able to contribute to the lab in their own unique way.

Our lab welcomes students with challenging and ambitious spirits (the tradition of our university!) from overseas. We look forward to studying with you in this beautiful city, Sapporo.

You can enjoy beautiful scenery from the lab in every season.